About This Girl With A Blog


I’m your typical girl.

I have a deep love for boots and makeup. When I was little I wanted to be a Princess for Halloween but when it came down to life choices I was going to be a rodeo clown. I have loved fiercely, I have had my heart broken, but I’ve always come back locked and reloaded. My idea of a perfect night is spent at home eating glorious food and either watching a movie or playing board games with family/friends. My favorite time of the season is fall. Forget about Christmas.

I’m not a fan of mushrooms. My idea of a caffeinated drink is a Strawberry-Blackberry Redbull Blast. I’m 23 years old and just figured out what to do with my life. Yay! I believe in second chances but I believe if you give someone a third chance you deserve whatever you get.

Relationship status: Currently engaged so pretty much in awe that I found someone who can take me as my blunt, little self. He will be referred to as The Fiancee’ in my blog until we get married then I guess I’ll call him The Husband?

Traveling is becoming a thing…and I like it.

Oh and this following quote is my life’s new mission statement…Enjoy!



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